Saturday, 1 October 2011

And there I was.....

..thinking all was well, and then I had a relapse. Oh well, not to mind, I'm back again. So, what have I been doing?

Self Stitched September unfortunately passed me by, but I have definitely increased my sewing over the last month, so that is an achievement in itself.

I have spent the last week trying to finish up some of my UFOs.  Tonight I have partially finished my Maize Hutton inspired pom pom rug. I say partially because I need substantially more poms to make it bigger. Its kinda bath mat sized at the moment and I would like it to be a bit more!  This morning I finished Little J's arigarumi Crobot, Baby Bot:. Little J's opinion was that it is no good because I have put screws in instead of bolts.  It's nice to be appreciated !?!?

I have two main UFOs left; a liberty print sewing bag and The Owl dress.

I had hoped to get the sewing bag finished before last weeks Friday sewing class, but alas, even a horrendously late night didn't achieve that.  I just need to sew press fasteners on the inner pockets ( made from preloved strawberry napkins) and to sew more press fasteners on the closure.  I may have to add sides to it too: I will see what happens.

The linen maternity dress that is the basis of my owl dress
The Owl dress is about half way. So far I have taken out the centre panel and added the owl print fabric, added back, bust and front darts and started on the bias. I need to finish the bias and take the skirt in at the side and then it will be finished.

Then, it will be on to Lady Grey!

Twit Twoo!

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