Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ohhh, Its a Biggun!

If you live in or around Norwich, you can not fail to notice the Norfolk and Norwich Festival is happening now. As part of this they have what are called "Open Studios".  This means that artists around Norwich, and artistic places open themselves up to the general public for inspection.

This year, as something different, our local adult education centre,  Wensum Lodge is allowing us mere mortals to exhibit work as part of the Open Studios for the princely sum of £5. So, when my dressmaking tutor  Ruth suggested that I may want to exhibit some of my flowers, I thought "OK, I've got nothing to lose here and its good advertising". So much as to say, I never so things by halves, so here is my exhibition piece.....

 I don't think I will be wearing this one as a brooch!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The makeover part two!...the big reveal ( part one)

Here it is! The finished fireplace. It is a shame to say that the Easi- sand, didnt work and it wouldnt do to actually touch the fire place but it sure does look priddy.....

Ta Da!

and here is a reminder of the before!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Saturday, 12 May 2012

There be monsters!!

I couldn't seem to find my crafty karma yesterday and to be honest, I was a bit of a grumpy me..but last night, we took little J to see the start of the Norfolk and Norwich was on a bit late, starting at 930pm, but we had a thoroughly wonderful time....and it really cheered me up!

Here are the photos...

 I think that if you had asked Mr E yesterday, he would have said this was me! I love her outfit though..maybe a future project??
 Fantastic use of fishing equiptment!

 There was some amazing work in these creatures. The photos do not really give an accurate idea of size, but they could easily have had their lunch off the top of a double decker.

 We are off to brave the crowds to see Erths dinosaur petting zoo today...I will tell you all about that tomorrow...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hooky Hook success!

When I heard of Emma at Oooh Betty plight, and the fact that the thing she loved was causing her pain, I had to swing into action with my super hero cape on!

You see, I make these crochet hooks with handles and they help me with the pain that holding a tiddly hook can cause in my hands after a long session of Hookery. I sell them in my Folksy shop... here

 Anyhow, I needed an opportunity to prove my theory that they worked ( and be thoroughly nice too!) so I decided to send one winging its way over to Emma.

Here it what she had to say about it!

Oooh Betty: Comfy Crochet and Bobbly Pin Cushions

So, thank you Emma for your lovely review, and I am really am pleased that you can carry on grannying pain free!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tre la la la....

Check this out...

A brand new shiny crafty magazine!

It's called Tre La Creativity and is dedicated to the use of craft as a therapy.

Here is the linky do for their website:

 As you know from earlier posts, this is something that I believe in a great deal.

 Its release date is the 6th September and it will be stocked on-line, at independent retailers and there are hints that it will be in HobbyCraft too!

Here is the info pack..check out the dress on the front cover..I want it!!

The magazine will be quarterly, with lots of " How to's" and features for creative inspiration. There is already an online directory of  craft supply shops and creative services such as illustrators, designers, facepainters etc and a creative fair for handmade items to be showcased, as well as a comprehensive list of Workshops and Events in the country.

As well as all this, us lovers of making  the handmade will be able to join their online directory for just £5 a year, with a free 8th of a page cool is that??

Pop on over, it's worth a look..( Oh, and I will be in the first edition *smug grin*)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

A makeover..part one

This week I took a break from my normal household chores.  I decided to crack on with some useful but ugly storage, and while I was at it..I got a bit makeover happy.

Here are the little treasures waiting for their transformation...

First up, a 60's dressing table. It has a lovely mirror to go with it, but as I want to use it for storing my oodles of felt in the dining room, it had to come off. I'm sure I will find room for such a well made mirror elsewhere. The strange painted areas are a hint of what is to come!

Got to love IKEA! This otherwise known as CD rack is going to become my "Jug rack"..
OK, get your mind out of the gutter ;)

I love my fireplace...but not the colour! Please excuse the tea-towel. I tried to strip the varnish off with not a lot of success. So off I went to buy some "easi- sand"...

A brief respite in the April showers gave me a wonderful opportunity to get the electric sander out. Thank heavens, as it would have taken an age to sand otherwise..

I am going to save the reveal for another post, as it's not all finished yet (and I had to order more paint!) I hope its all going to be worth it??

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

And the winner is........

Chris Crocker Corber!

I used the random number generator known as Mr E as I couldnt figure out the real one!

Can you please message me with your address Chris and I will send the kit on over.

Jugs! I love my Jugs!

Here are my beauties.....

They are my new obsession...

It all started with the Portmeiron one ..the big tall jug in the middle. A mothers day gift from little J ( Doesn't he have great taste for a 4 year old?..har de har har har!)

I was in yet another charity shop the other day and the jug to the right, with the green and blue flower, just called out to me. This sounds mighty strange, but I know if I had left without it, I would have just burst into tears. Now tell me how a piece of china can make you feel that way??

It's by studio Meakin and not worth a lot I'm sure, but I know to me it's priceless!