Friday, 7 October 2011

Another one bites the dust...

At last "The owl dress" is finished.

This was my first attempt at bias binding on a neckline. It took a couple of attempts. I found the tutorial on Colette patterns really can find out how to make your own bias tape HERE and how to fix it on HERE.

I have some of the fabric left over, so at a later date I would like to add a patch pocket. I do LOVE pockets.

I have also made a start on Lady Grey. I have made a toile out of an old curtain. I am not sure about the fit under the arms, but I imagine it requires a lot of ease to accommodate jumpers and the like.

It does seem to be a good fit otherwise, so I may be lucky and can get away without altering the pattern.  I will be able to get a better idea once I have attached the sleeves.

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