Sunday, 18 September 2011

Back on track and ready to sew...

Thank goodness that is over and done with... now waiting for a hospital referral, but that's another long story!
With Little J going to school every morning next week, and the start of my sewing class on Friday, I hope to be doing LOTS of sewing!!!!!

I have found the camera lead too, so lots of pictures to come.

Little J and I took a trip to the fabric shop yesterday, in the main to look for fabric for my Lady Grey coat.  I didn't find anything useful for that, but returned with some cute owl fabric for my linen dress refashion.   Little J found a camo remnant ( with which he tells me he is going to make a whole army outfit) and the local Oxfam yielded a large piece of Purple cotton drill for the grand sum of £2.49. All in all a successful trip.

Friday, 9 September 2011


Hey, unfortunatly I have been floored by a hideous ear condition, not disimilar to being very drunk :( Normal updates will resume once I can function!

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I have managed to get some pics from my phone camera card.

Check Trousers: These are a peculiar fit and show all the lumps and bumps in the wrong places. I have decided to turn them into a skirt.  I have already made a start on this one.  I unpicked the inside leg of the trousers and then placed them on Maddy  ( my taylors dummy) inside out. I pinned the legs together to form the skirt and cut off the excess crotch fabric to form a smooth seam at the front and back.  All I need to do is to machine stitch the seams and turn up the hem and then Ta da! a new winter skirt.

Friday, 2 September 2011

My biggest Self stitched challenge

My biggest self stitched challenge is going to be The Lady Grey coat by Colette patterns...

I adore their patterns and would be happy to make any of them. I am waiting in great anticipation for the pattern to arrive.
I think I will go for either a red or a purple fabric, and I need to find something spectacular as a lining.  I have never attempted tailoring from scratch so this is going to be a huge challange for me. I am going to be doing a sewing class in September, so hopefully, with professional assitance, I will be ok.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Funky Knickers

Day TWO:  I have made some knickers out of a stretch Jersey fabric and they actually fit rather well! I havent had to put any elastic in them as the quality if the fabric makes them very springy :)

The fabric was from a thrifted childs skirt. I loved the pattern and had intended to make it into a pillow case, but it was destined for higher things. One thing I have learned from this, jersey slip slides everywhere under the needle. I must do a bit more research on sewing with knits as it isn't something I have ever done.

Again, I didn't use a pattern for this. I just cut around an pair of my existing knickers, cut out a seperate gusset and then zig zag stitched them all together. I havent got as far as hemming the edges..hopefully Little J will let me do that in the morning!

Self Stitched September - Day one

September 1st - Today, I am wearing my first ever, made from scratch dress. It was made from a thrifted duvet cover with no pattern. It was, in the making of this dress, that I realised that I have a sway back and a doweger hump! Hence, it gapes at the back - nothing a belt won't cover though. I don't have a picture as yet; my camera phone is broken - but a soon as hubby brings the camera from work I will get some pictures sorted.