Monday, 24 October 2011

Isn't Autumn Lovely?

Hello again.. Isn't autumn lovely? I'm hoping to fill this week ( being half term) with lots of leaf and conker collecting, pumpkin carving, Halloween crafting and general autumn playing! This, of course means very little sewing time.

I must say that I am struggling somewhat with my Lady Grey coat. It is the first time I have ever inserted a sleeve, which I guess I really should have practiced BEFORE embarking on a project like Lady Grey. Well, the material has been bought and I have invested a LOT of time in drafting my Toile, so I am not going to give up now.....I shall invest some time in reading Gertie's sew along and do a bit more net research to see if it makes anymore sense.

It is my birthday next month and I have requested Peony from Collette patterns for my birthday..I am SO excited. I have the fabric ready and waiting and I have a feeling I shall be making more than one.  I also have Colette patterns book on preorder at Amazon, so that gives me something to look forward too in the darker months.

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