Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tre la la la....

Check this out...

A brand new shiny crafty magazine!

It's called Tre La Creativity and is dedicated to the use of craft as a therapy.

Here is the linky do for their website:

 As you know from earlier posts, this is something that I believe in a great deal.

 Its release date is the 6th September and it will be stocked on-line, at independent retailers and there are hints that it will be in HobbyCraft too!

Here is the info pack..check out the dress on the front cover..I want it!!

The magazine will be quarterly, with lots of " How to's" and features for creative inspiration. There is already an online directory of  craft supply shops and creative services such as illustrators, designers, facepainters etc and a creative fair for handmade items to be showcased, as well as a comprehensive list of Workshops and Events in the country.

As well as all this, us lovers of making  the handmade will be able to join their online directory for just £5 a year, with a free 8th of a page cool is that??

Pop on over, it's worth a look..( Oh, and I will be in the first edition *smug grin*)

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