Saturday, 5 May 2012

A makeover..part one

This week I took a break from my normal household chores.  I decided to crack on with some useful but ugly storage, and while I was at it..I got a bit makeover happy.

Here are the little treasures waiting for their transformation...

First up, a 60's dressing table. It has a lovely mirror to go with it, but as I want to use it for storing my oodles of felt in the dining room, it had to come off. I'm sure I will find room for such a well made mirror elsewhere. The strange painted areas are a hint of what is to come!

Got to love IKEA! This otherwise known as CD rack is going to become my "Jug rack"..
OK, get your mind out of the gutter ;)

I love my fireplace...but not the colour! Please excuse the tea-towel. I tried to strip the varnish off with not a lot of success. So off I went to buy some "easi- sand"...

A brief respite in the April showers gave me a wonderful opportunity to get the electric sander out. Thank heavens, as it would have taken an age to sand otherwise..

I am going to save the reveal for another post, as it's not all finished yet (and I had to order more paint!) I hope its all going to be worth it??

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