Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I went on a course the other was pants...tee hee hee...and here they are:

We learnt how to stitch jersey ( my nemsis) and then to stitch lace on without pin! It was all scary stuff..but once I got the hang of it, it was easier than I imagined.

The course was run by Emma Ward of Emilianaunderwear. Her focus is on ethical manufacture and she hand makes her own range of both knickers and kits from upcycled fabrics.  Emma told us about the terrible conditions that the Chinese factory workers had to endure and also about the massive amounts of waste produced by these factories. It is certainly a good reason to think twice about the 3 for £5 knicks that are available.

Upcycling is something that I love. To be honest, it is mainly due to the fact that fabric is so expensive in the UK, but I also like the thought of making use of an unused item, rather than just sending it to landfill. I recently made some funky camo pj bottoms for little J from a curtain and there is enough left to make many many more pairs..... can see my previous attempt here Funky Knickers


  1. I want to make some knickers!
    Lovely blog. X

  2. Hi Emma.Thanks for the kind words. Yes, there is something strangly satisfying about making your own undies. This attempt was certainly more successful than the last!