Thursday, 29 March 2012

This just made my day!!

I was soooooo excited t see this lovely on my way home......

 Thank you Norwich yarn bombers...whoever you are!


  1. Hi there, I got your message and have updated my blog with a link to the pattern that another blogger found for this blanket. Good luck with making the squares - they are quick to make and great fun. xxx

  2. Hey, thanks for doing that Julia. I sat last night and had a go at making up the pattern, but It will be good to see how the real deal compares to mine! I am making it in blue, teal and grean!

  3. oh wow, that must have been fab, would love to see some x

    1. It was fabulous indeed, and such a surprise to see it here in little old Norwich! The newspaper said it was 3 middle age ladies who are responsible too!