Thursday, 19 April 2012

Oh, how exciting!!!


I'm very pleased to announce..I've been nominated for my first award!!

It means a lot to a little blog like mine so "Thank you , Thank you, Thank you" to Caroline over at Gran Plumbley

So now I must answer the 10 questions and try not to over think the answers ( as I tend to do with EVERYTHING).

Favourite colour: Purple and Teal ( don't ask me to choose for they share top spot in my eyes) and preferably clashing splendidly as they do!

Favourite animal: Hmmmm tricky, I should say my lovely elderly cat "Roger" but I think it is probably the "luck Dragon " from Neverending story!

Favourite number: 13 as it gets unjustified bad press :(
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: weak soya cappachino with a half shot of sugar free caramel expensive treat!

Facebook or twitter: Undecided, I have only just joined twitter, but find them equally addictive

My passion: regreattably Eating....oh and of course, sewing!

Getting or giving present; Oh, depends who to..or from really. 

Favourite Pattern:Anything by Collette patterns, vintage patterns cut to fit the modern "fuller figure
Favourite day of the week: Surprisingly Monday.

Favourite flower: It has to be the Dahlia of course.

Favourite celebrity role model: well.... thats a tricky one......I will probably say Kirsty Allsop or Sarah Beeny as neither actually care if they look like XXXX on the television, they like to keep it real :) You go girls!

Now, to  nominate 10 more lovely folks!

1) Peacock Blue
3) Boy Oh Boy
4) I'm Gluten Free Baby
5) Miss Demeanour
6) Handmade Jane
7) A beautiful Mess
8) Miss Crayola Creepy
10) if you are reading this, then you must be a piece of my sunshine and the reason for this blog in the first place!

It is very late...and I must go to bed. So, Night all XOXO


  1. loving your number 10!...lets hope this is the first of many awards!! XXX

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination, it's very much appreciated. Loving your main header of your blog - the flowers are fantastic. x

  3. Your most welcome Julia and thanks for the lovely words, I think it shows in them how much I love making them!