Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Seven steps to a home made dress form

A post on one of the sewing forums I subscribe to asked if anyone had made their own dress form.  I have indeed done so in the past, and it prompted me to put a tutorial on here....
This was many years ago, so I don't have pictures anymore, funny thought they would be!

Step 1)
Put on an old garment that goes past your butt. Make sure it is one that you are happy to cut up and lose forever!

Step 2)
Get someone you trust a great deal ( and doesn't have a camera to hand) to wrap you tightly with gaffer tape from neck to past your butt. You will need several layers.

Step 3)  
Cut down the back of the tape and clothing with a pair of large scissors. DO NOT use a knife and be VERY careful.

Step 4)
Wriggle very ungracefully out of your creation and get dressed.

Step 5)
Tape down the back of your new gaffer tape body and either tie up or stitch down the bottom of the garment to form a body bag.

Step 6)
Fill with your chosen filling. I used the contents of an old bean bag ( or two) but it got VERY messy. You could use an old polyester duvet or some fiberfil.  Make sure you pack it tightly to get the correct sizing.

Step 7)
Sew up the neck and then stand back and gasp in awe at your lumps and bumps in all their glory!

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