Thursday, 26 January 2012

Metric Pattern Cutting

Here is another lovely find......

It seems that Auntie B did a technical dressmaking class back in the day, and in amongst her things were all her coursework and books! What a great legacy to pass on. I am going to have a good read and perhaps do a mini review of it. I am sure it is still possible to buy this book as I imagine that most of the technical data has remained unchanged

 I have always wanted to produce a "block", which is a set of basic shapes, tailored to your measurements. These shapes take the form of a basic dress, top, skirt etc.  It is then possible to add technical design details to them to make your own patterns that fit well. I imagine, now that I have this book, I can become the proud owner of a set of blocks.

It shows on this page, the tremendous amount of measuring that is required. Thankfully it only has to be done the once ( or hopefully a few times, in much smaller sizing, in my case).....


  1. My Mum has that book, she did a course using the book over twenty years ago. I don't think she has made that many clothes for herself since then though! Have a great weekend. x

  2. Thanks for your comment Julia and welcome to my blog. Yes, I imagine it was some 20 years ago that Aunty B did it too!