Saturday, 3 December 2011


This is our Christmas Tree this year.....

Now, as you can see, it's not the usual sort of tree. The reasons for this are many and it has also become somewhat of a tradition in our household.

With the demise of our "fake" tree 3 years ago, I set about looking for a replacement. On a trip to John Lewis ( A big department store here) I spied a "tree", but it wasn't the normal green and leafy variety. It was bare branches, made from wire and tape and painted tree colour with snow on it. It was also £90!

Being the frugal being that I am, I thought ...I CAN MAKE THAT!

It transpired that year that nature decided to help me out as we had a particularly windy winter, which brought down a LOT of branches...and there was my lightbulb moment!

Little J is a made crazy nature lover and collector of sticks, stones and leaves, so it gives him a great deal of pleasure to "choose" or tree - and so a tradition was formed.

The many reasons why I like this particular tradition?

It doesn't shed, it's 100% recyclable ( we burn it in January) and it allows us to see the rather lovely decorations that we make together this time of year. Enough said really!!

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