Thursday, 3 November 2011

Its been a funny old week....

I've had the strangest of weeks and very little time to sew. My brave Aunt lost her battle with cancer last night and it has made me reflect on my own life.

I can either let depression overwhelm me and live a life of "could haves" or I can grasp life by the horns and keep on trucking!  I am going to attempt the later and make my Aunty B proud.

Lets start with my crafty "to do " list.

Things in the UFO pile:

1) The Lady Grey...its my project for my sewing class and I WILL have it done by Christmas.
2) The Pom Pom rug. I ran out of materials, but with a lucky car boot find, I can now get it finished.
3) Mums Ripple Lapgan..My first real hooky project - I really hope that she likes it.

4) My ripple blanket..A long term project I think.
5) The bits of refashion from SSS11..they got put on the back burner when my ear went squiffy!

New stuff to do!

1) My friend has asked me to make her dress into a skirt. Hopefully it will be easy but from experience it won't!!
2) The Peony dress from Colette Patterns ( my bro bought me the pattern for my birthday)
3) A holdall for my dads table to keep the tele remote from going astray. It really annoys me that he can never find it.
4) Lots of storage bags for Little J's various toys sets. Maybe, just maybe, it might help him put his toys away???
5) Some Christmas Prezzies for the family of course..but more on that later.
6) A hooky advent garland ..just like Lucy's at Attic 24

And where to start,....well I may do some Poming this evening and go from there!

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  1. wow...thats one heck of a 'to do' list....looking forward to hearing regular the ripple crochet too...have only given that one a go once myself...maybe need to revisit it again XXXXX