Sunday, 6 November 2011


Wow, there are so many projects that I want to do right now.

Unfortunately, as I have a household of poorly people needing constant nursing, I haven't been able to do any sewing but I have been able to do a bit of hookery. I made a pair of these slippers.....

Inspired by  the pattern from Zoom Mommy's blog, which can be found here

I have been checking out Ravelry again and have found a free hooky pattern for the Apiary Puff (find it here)by Valarie Lawson,inspired by Tiny Owl Knits, Beekepers quilt.  Now, as a non knitter, I was a bit envious when I found the Tiny Owl pattern, but then my envy turned to joy at finding a hooky version!!!

Now the question is, do I start ANOTHER project..or must I really finish up some of my UFOs.??????

I have made SOME progress on the UFO front.

I've managed to attach all the poms onto a new backing and I now just need to put the pretty base fabric and edging on. I don't think it will be something I can use the machine for as the edging is rather hefty and my machine is a little ancient! I have got a mattress needle ( a curved thick needle) from a thrifted sewing box that I bought in the sunnier days of car boot.  My best advice on this project is too use proper rug backing, rather than try and use hessian backing as I pays to use the right stuff!

The Lady Grey.
I have bitten the bullet and cut out the main fabric for the jacket. It is a black wool cashmere mix and given the choice again, I wouldn't choose that one, but I believe in learning from my mistakes! I shall be making it again for the spring, in a red or purple lightweight fabric and I will be VERY careful with my fabric choice! I am hoping to be able to make it in a size smaller by then :)!

The Lapgan
Again another learning curve here...the lesson this time is one of patience. I have had to unravel 3 rows because I went too fast! It is progressing though and I will have it done by Christmas ( fingers crossed).

The Peony
I find it impossible to do only on sewing project at a time and so, I have cut out the fabric for my Peony.  I am popping into town today to get my 22inc concealed zip and then I just need to figure out how to put it in.  Funny enough, that is the next tutorial at my sewing class, but as I was hoping to finish it to wear at my Aunts funeral on Thursday, I am going to have to wing it myself. If I manage it, I will post some details on here.

Well, as today is my birthday, I am heading off to do a bit of cheeky shopping. Tara for now xx

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