Thursday, 1 September 2011

Funky Knickers

Day TWO:  I have made some knickers out of a stretch Jersey fabric and they actually fit rather well! I havent had to put any elastic in them as the quality if the fabric makes them very springy :)

The fabric was from a thrifted childs skirt. I loved the pattern and had intended to make it into a pillow case, but it was destined for higher things. One thing I have learned from this, jersey slip slides everywhere under the needle. I must do a bit more research on sewing with knits as it isn't something I have ever done.

Again, I didn't use a pattern for this. I just cut around an pair of my existing knickers, cut out a seperate gusset and then zig zag stitched them all together. I havent got as far as hemming the edges..hopefully Little J will let me do that in the morning!

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