Saturday, 11 February 2012

Being Productive....

A good friend of mine over at Gran Plumley recommended a book to me. It is called " The Happiness Project" and it is by an american lady called  Gretchen Rubin.  I must say it has been an eye opener. I'm up to "March" so far, but am still trying to put into action the principles of "January".  That is the decluttering bit!

It was, however, a bit that I read this morning that struck a chord. The author (Gretchen) says that whilst looking at how she spent her time, she realised that she " had to change the way she thought about her productive time"  Like me, Gretchen believed that she had to have at least a few hours to get something done, but found that even a small amount of work in a short time can be very productive.

The famous Flylady has similar thoughts on the subject too, with her " Just 15 minutes a day". Flylady uses this method to keep her house and life under control, and even encourages the reader to do a "2 minute hotspot declutter" : too keep on top of things with just two minutes.

I am going to try and implement these principles into my life as things have become a lot busier since taking on craft selling and forming craft groups!

I have enormous amount of crafting to do in the next 3 days. I have a stall at at local children's craft event and only have a small amount of stock. I'll need to snatch little bits of time to get bits and bobs done. I also have little J at home as its half term, and I need to keep him entertained too!

Fingers crossed for a produtive few days for you all too, and I will see you on the other side!

Here are the links to the Gretchens book/blog, and the Flylady site, if you would like a look see...

Oh, and before I go, and just is a picture of my little bundle of happiness!

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